Meet KSpen

Name Kristin aka KSpen

Born in North Carolina Kspen was born a military brat. Kspen grew up traveling from Germany to different army bases around the United States. Kspen went to high school in Las Vegas NV where she first found interest in modeling. Through fierce competition and low employment rates, Kspen made a fearless move to DC where she finished medical assisting school and worked full time as
a Admin Assistant. Once back on top of her game Kspen started networking with DMV (DC,Maryland and Virgina) photographers to get her back on track of her modeling game. Kspen now models for various photographers and submits to various mens magazines. Kspen also does promotional modeling for various brands for concerts and clubs. Kspen while submitting photos is working on radio appearances.

Still breaking into the mainstream Kspen still maintains her laidback personality. In her free time Kspen enjoys visiting the beach doing variety of water sports such as swimming, surfing and boogie boarding.Now a Georgia peach Kspen enjoys working hiking and traveling all over the Unites States.

Kspen loves her fan base and continues to keep in touch and personally writes to any of her fans on Facebook and

You can contact KSpen via email at

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